It is our aim at word2 to precisely adjust solutions and services to our clients’ needs. It is our priority to deliver top quality specialist translation at a reasonable price.

We do not imitate others and we guarantee to provide you with the best execution for every order.

Translators in our team are specialists in their domain as well as outstanding linguists. With this innovative approach the entire translation process is executed and monitored by proficient linguists with specialist vocabulary and vast experience in their fields. A complex text in the field of chemistry will never be assigned to a literary translator and a business contract will be translated by a lawyer with foreign language competence.

A jack of all trades is a master of none. This proverb is also true of translation agencies. You would not summon a plumber to deal with power failure, and specialist texts require specialist treatment – by our team.

Advanced workflow management process involves all stages – from the receiving of a source text to the delivery of a finished product. This is how we make sure translation does not require additional cost or timeWe also developed state-of-the-art services tailored to fit our fields. Translation services have never been this straightforward!


We are aware that providing best quality translation first of all requires proper understanding of the text involved. It is the only way to guarantee first-rate service using the right terminology, register and adjusting the text to the reader’s needs.

Each field has its own specific jargon. No wonder a chemist will not know what a voltage transformer is, just as an electrician will not be familiar with nucleophilic substitution.

word2 offers comprehensive linguistic solutions in the following fields:


Pharmaceutical translation includes not only patient information leaflets, summary of product characteristics or packaging information, it also includes analytical test results, validation and charge reports and quality control-related documentation We are ready to handle any text in this field.

New medicinal products and clinical trials

With us clients do not have to worry about translating documents submitted for a registration dossier, communication with institutions or – in case of clinical research – document intended for physicians (such as physician information brochures on investigational drug substances, case report forms), or for patients (such as informed consent forms). Choose word2 and see that translation can be done both fast and well!


Chemistry is involved in all areas of life including medicine and pharmacy, electronics, agriculture or beauty industry. Come to us, whatever you would like to have translated: be it material safety datasheets, quality certificates, plant protection product characteristics resulting from the CLP regulation or an article on polymers doped with nanomaterials – we do this every day.

Power generation

We can tell the difference between a switching station and a switchgear, and we know that alternating current is not the same as variable current. No matter if you need to present a new wind farm characteristics, transformer assembly directions, or a description of a flue gas desulphurization system, we work with such facilities and installations on a regular basis and we know exactly how to translate information about them.


Documents on an IGBT controller for pulse-driving of load? No problem, we will do it immediately. It is good that when designing this device you remembered to add a surge protection diode connected parallel to load. What about marketing materials for new, fast solid state drives? Don’t dwell on it, let us take care of the translation.


The Oil&Gas field is characterised by specific terminology and requires very careful translation.  These resources are crucial for energy industry as well as other fields – and even for national energy security – therefore, there is no room for error or inaccuracy in translation. Cooperating with best linguists, we can guarantee the highest  possible quality of translation.


There is nothing so satisfying as a client happy with a perfectly translated highly-specialized or out-of-the-common text. To us, translating LCD texts (we will remember about the 16-character limit displayed per line!) or a FPGA datasheet, Altera’s latest offer, will not be anything out of the ordinary.

A patent on (8R,9S,10R,13S,14S,17R)-17-acetyl-17-hydroxy-10,13-dimethyl-2,6,7,8,9,11,12,14,15,16-decahydro-1H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthren-3-one derivatives?

We will translate it for a standard rate. We also will not have a problem with standards for axial and centrifugal compressors. To us, each challenge, difficult or non-typical translation, is an opportunity to prove (also to ourselves) that we are professionals in our fields and that we are able to meet the needs of most demanding clients!


Documents with mistakes are the last thing we want so our work flow is organized in such a way as to eliminate any inaccuracy. This is how it looks:


Remember that by ordering translation from us you can be sure that it will be prepared only by specialists in the field, thoroughly proofread and controlled.  We will strictly adhere to your instructions, to the single letter. And all this because our linguists have many years’ experience and know their fields well – most of them hold certificates which attest to their work meeting translation-quality standards.


We do not multiply costs or prolong the time needed for translation. Because of the specific character of some documents we tailored solutions for the translation of: 

drug registration dossier | clinical trial documents | user manuals | patent descriptions in the fields of chemistry and technology | material safety data sheets | plant protection product documents | patient information leaflets and summary of product characteristics

Why should you pay full price for repetitions? We use advanced computer-assisted translation tools which allows us to offer more competitive prices and shorter delivery time.

We develop an advanced term base and translation memory for each field. This is why similar texts are translated even faster and at lower cost with no quality loss.

In case of orders involving a large number of similar documents we offer attractive translation suites.


Our main domain is translation from and into English. We also offer translation in other European languages. We provide regular and certified translation services.

However, if you need non-typical translation of a document in a rare language or if you need the service to be performed promptly – come to us! We will do everything to meet your expectations.

Contact us and learn about an offer tailored to your requirements.


word2 offers translation, proofreading and editing of specialist texts as well as consultation services by specialists in the domain.

We work with every popularly used file format, as well as with non-editable files (figures, scanned documents).

For our clients in different fields we developed special solutions saving time and cost of translation.


At the time of today’s digitization you can send your text by email. We will send the translation back by the same medium. This way service time is shorter and our offer even more attractive.

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